Resolutions passed in the 2003 Muscatine County Democratic Caucus

1. The USA Patriot Act has many feature that conflict with our constitutional rights and much should be repealed.

2. We believe a war in Iraq is wrong unless sufficient evidence is presented to justify such a war. We further believe a first strike is morally and legally wrong. We have many more enemies in other places which need greater attention. Any war will create even more. We demand a full explanation and discussion of what is meant by "collateral damage".

3. We should seek to peacefully resolve our conflicts with others through diplomatic negotiations and according to international law.

4. We oppose the Bush budget and outrageous tax cut for the wealthiest 1% of the population. This will increase our national debt at a rate which will be the highest in history and further increase the divide between the rich and poor.

5. No government shall pass unfunded mandates as they are useless and detrimental to our local communities.