Constitution of the Muscatine County Democratic Central Committee

Article I - Name
This organization shall be known as Muscatine County Democratic Central Committee.

Article II - Purpose

Section 1: The purpose of this organization shall be to promote the principles of the Democratic Party in Muscatine County, Iowa and to elect Democrats in Muscatine County, the state of Iowa, the Second U.S. Congressional District, and the nation.

Section 2: This Constitution shall incorporate and adopt those provisions of the Constitution of the Democratic Party of Iowa that are applicable to the County organization.

Article III - Membership
Section 1: The Muscatine County Democratic Central Committee shall consist of two (2) precinct committee persons representing each precinct and township within Muscatine County. Committee persons shall be elected every two (2) years by a majority vote at their caucus (precinct or township). These committee persons and Central Committee officers shall be the only voting members of the Central Committee.

Section 2: After being duly elected, a committee person shall serve until a successor is elected unless he or she is removed for non-residency, inattention to duty, or support of a candidate for public office who is running against a candidate nominated by the Democratic Party, or fails to attend three (3) consecutive meetings without a valid excuse.

Section 3: A precinct committee person may be removed from office by a 2/3 vote of the voting members present and voting at a duly called meeting of the Central Committee, provided that written notice of the proposed removal has been sent to the members by the secretary, by US mail or e-mail, to be received at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting.

Section 4: Vacancies on the Muscatine Central Democratic Central Committee shall be filled by a majority vote of the Central Committee at a previously called meeting. Notice of such meeting shall be sent by US mail or e-mail at least seven (7) days before such meeting, and shall state the vacancies to be filled.

Section 5: As provided for by the Statues of the State of Iowa, Alternate Central Committee members may serve on the County Central Committee in place of elected Central Committee members unable to fulfil their responsibilities. Alternates shall be elected, or removed, as heretofore described for Central Committee members.

Article IV - Meetings

Section 1: The Muscatine County Democratic Central Committee shall meet at least once each month during the even-numbered years, and at least once every three (3) months in the odd-numbered years. The Chair shall cause notice of such meetings to be mailed to each member and officer on the Committee at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting.

Section 2: Additional meetings may be called at times determined by a majority vote of the Muscatine County Democratic Central Committee.

Section 3: Upon receiving a written petition from any eight (8) Central Committee members, the Chair shall call a special meeting, which must be held within twelve (12) days upon receipt of the petition. If the Chair fails to act, any five (5) members can cause such notice to be mailed to be received at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting.

Section 4: A quorum shall consist of twenty percent (20%) of the elected members.

Article V - Officers

Section 1: The officers of the Muscatine County Democratic Central Committee shall be: (Co) Chair(s), no more than two, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. All officers shall be voting members of the Central Committee, and need not be selected from the Central Committee. The officers shall serve for two (2) years or until replaced.

Section 2: The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers and the Immediate Past-(Co)Chair(s).

Section 3: An officer can be removed for any of the reasons given under Article III, Section 2.

Section 4: To fill an officer vacancy on the Muscatine County Democratic Central Committee, a notice of a special election to fill that vacancy shall be mailed to all members of the Central Committee to be received at least seven (7) days prior to said election to request nominations.

Article VI - Duties

Section 1: (Co) Chair Shall be that of Chief Executive Officer, being a member ex-officio of all committees and presiding at all Central Committee meetings and meetings of the Executive Committee. He or she or their designee shall co-sign checks.

Section 2: Vice-chair: Shall assume the duties of the Chair in that officer's absence. Shall serve as acting Chair in the event of a vacancy in the office of Chair until that vacancy is filled.

Section 3: Secretary: Shall have custody of all books, records, and papers of the organization. The Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings and transactions. The Secretary shall be responsible for sending notices to be received seven (7) days prior to all meetings.

Section 4: Treasurer: Shall have custody of the funds of the Central Committee and present a report of total receipts and disbursements. At each regular meeting there should be a written report and an annual report at the end of the year. The Treasurer shall file all proper financial reports with the County Auditor and Secretary of State, in accordance with Iowa Campaign Finance Laws. In addition, the Treasurer shall be in charge of all financial records and transactions of the Party. Any late filing fees will not be the responsibility of the Central Committee, and will be paid by the Treasurer.

Section 5: Precinct Committee People: Shall be responsible for promoting and sustaining Democratic Party interests at the precinct level, carrying out programs adopted by the Muscatine County Democratic Central Committee and supporting candidates for office who are nominated by the Democratic Party.

Article VII - Other Committees

Section 1: The Executive Committee can establish committees as needed for executing the business of the Muscatine County Democratic Central Committee. The (Co)Chair shall appoint committee chairs as needed.

Section 2: Each committee shall be composed of the appointed Chair and any volunteers. Committee Chair shall coordinate their activities.

Section 3: The Finance Committee shall include the Treasurer and shall manage any fund-raising activities.

Section 4: The Budget Committee shall include the (Co)Chair, Finance Chair and Treasurer and shall be responsible for preparing an annual budget.

Section 5: The Audit Committee shall audit the Treasurers records at least once in a calendar year or whenever the Treasurer leaves office.

Section 6: The Voter Identification and Registration Committee shall coordinate its efforts with the Iowa State Democratic Party in identifying unregistered voters and registering those who support Democratic candidates.

Section 7: The Absentee Ballot Committee shall plan and implement an absentee voter program.

Section 8: The Election Day Committee shall plan and implement Election Day programs and obtain workers to staff the polling places.

Section 9: The Affirmative Action Committee shall plan, implement, and oversee the Affirmative Action program in accordance with the Constitution of the Iowa State Democratic Party.

Section 10: The Recruitment and Training Committee shall seek out and train precinct committee people.

Section 11: The Candidate Recruitment Committee shall seek out qualified and responsible people to run for office on the Democratic Party ticket.

Section 12: The Public Relations committee shall give notice of all upcoming activities and special events and the results thereof to be provided to all local media outlets in a timely manner.

Section 13: Activities Committees shall be appointed to arrange, oversee, and organize each special event that the Central Committee sponsors or in which the Central Committee participates.

Article VIII - Amendments

Section 1: Amendments can be made at any meeting of the Muscatine County Democratic Central Committee. They require a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present, and must have been submitted in writing at the previous meeting and included with the notice of the meeting at which the amendment(s) is to be acted upon.

All meetings of the Muscatine County Democratic Central Committee shall be open in the same manner as an agency of state government is required to hold open meetings.

If this organization disbands all funds will divert to the Iowa State Democratic Party.

The Parliamentary authority shall be the rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised.